If re-elected to Upper Arlington City Council I promise to be YOUR independent voice on Council and will make it a priority to provide friendly, responsive leadership and collaborative solutions for UA’s future. In particular, these issues will be the centerpieces of my next term on Council:

  • Make our city services work more efficiently – We’ve worked hard with the administration to improve and make city services more efficient. Solid waste collection services has received strong reviews as it transitioned from an outdated pay for use sticker system to a fee system using a new provider. The City enhanced their 911 services by entering into a partnership with the City of Dublin to provide 911 services through the Northwest Regional Emergency Communications Center (NRECC). I will continue to find ways to make our local government work better for you.
  • Repair our aging infrastructure – The City has continued addressing long-needed infrastructure maintenance and repairs such as the reconstruction of Tremont Road, the pool replacement at Northam Park, Devon Pool upgrades, many street, curb and bridge replacements, along with numerous other projects. It is the responsibility of council to be good stewards of our public money. I vow to continue to provide prudent oversight of our tax dollars and will make sure that our administration makes wise choices to improve our infrastructure.
  • Provide responsive representation – Four years ago, our city’s communication was broken and there were significant parts of our community who felt the city administration wasn’t listening to them. Since I joined Council, we’ve fostered a much more open dialogue with residents and created a much more transparent process. This has included opening up the Council floor to encourage and welcome more comments from residents, providing live and taped Web feeds of council proceedings, and reaching out for more community feedback to provide direction on complex issues. If re-elected, I will continue to engage the community for input, will foster a transparent decision making process, and vow to be an independent, tireless advocate for you with the city.
  • Find a productive use for the Kingsdale Macy’s site – The Macy’s store closed and was purchased by the Kroger company more than four years ago. The city has been more than patient with the property owners to develop this commercial gem in the heart of UA. The time is now to get serious about how to develop this property and I promise to work proactively with the city, community leaders, and the property owners to find a sensible solution that fits the neighborhood.

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I welcome your thoughts about what you feel are the most important issues for Upper Arlington’s future.

Please contact me at with your opinions.